Hi all;

Firstly, thanks for visiting my site and having the patience or curiosity to maybe cruise through this site and read a few things. I apologize only for the site it’s self as I still have to figure out a few things to make everything a bit more reader friendly.

I am a technical writer by day and musician by night with over 30 years of enjoying the passions of both. Over those years I’ve been this closet writer jotting down tons of content; song lyrics, situational stories, fictional stories etc. Most of these were and are on every kind of media from napkins to digital. In the last few years I’ve had the time to gather a lot of these things out of old binders, note pads, guitar and road cases for the purpose of putting them in one central place and sharing them with anyone who stumbles across them. 

Inside this blogasouraus rex you will find poems/lyrics in the ‘VERBAL WAX’ section, ‘STORIES’ true and not so true, and a novel ‘VIATORIS’ which is ongoing work in progress (not yet sure if it belongs here or not). In the ‘ALL THINGS FOX’ section it is basically my opinions, observations, complaints etc.

Extremely Quick Bio; borninscotlandmovedtocanadainthe70sliveinoshawamaried2kidsonelivesin englandonelivesinthebasementlovemusicwritingsoccerandredwine.

Please feel free to leave any kind of comment, good bad or ugly on any page, poem or story.

Shameless self promotion – Check out my music site at https://www.soulcamera.rocks

Cheers all,


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